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Payday loan direct lenders -With us, you can get same day approval guaranteed

We all know it: a temporary balance, red, money short for an account. These situations are very annoying, especially when you consider that it is often not easy to get a loan for some extra money. This means that many people are left with their hands if they can not fall back on a loan…


EUR 1,4 billion blame on overdue debts

Of the 1.4 billion. € 513 million are taxes that have remained unpaid to the Tax Office by households and businesses that have difficulty in meeting their obligations An EUR 1.4 billion bailout was due in September, a month in which taxpayers had to pay the first installment of this year’s ENFIA and the second…


The City of León, the second in Spain with more debt per capita

  The City of León, the second in Spain with more debt per capita The cities of Alcorcón (Madrid), León, Madrid, Zaragoza and Parla (Madrid) are the ones with the highest debt per capita, according to the 2015 Local Public Sector Audit Report, the last approved by the Court of Auditors. Specifically, within this group…