EUR 1,4 billion blame on overdue debts

Of the 1.4 billion. € 513 million are taxes that have remained unpaid to the Tax Office by households and businesses that have difficulty in meeting their obligations

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An EUR 1.4 billion bailout was due in September, a month in which taxpayers had to pay the first installment of this year’s ENFIA and the second installment of income tax.

Of the EUR 1.4 billion, EUR 513 million is the tax paid to the Tax Office by households and businesses that have difficulty meeting their obligations. Only in September, the number of debtors increased by 510,428, with the result that taxpayers who have written debts to the taxpayers’ dues amounted to 4,312,395 from 3,801,967 at the end of August. That is, one in two taxpayers has open accounts with the Tax Office.

According to the data of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, the fresh overdue debts of EUR 6.4 billion at the end of August rose to 7.8 billion euros at the end of September, with the

total debts of taxpayers and businesses to crack another record. EUR 103.09 billion was ejaculated, and if fines and surcharges were added, they exceeded 185 billion euros, ie higher than the country’s GDP.

As the taxpayers’ fates increase in the Tax Office, both the AAD presses the throttle of the seizures to collect the established taxes. Of the 4,312,395 debtors, 1,797,492 are open to seizure of bank accounts and pledges of assets and 1,148,583 were faced with coercive measures.

From the barrage of seizures and the arrangements run by the AAD has received 3,993 billion. in January-September.