The Government figures in 6,000 million outstanding debt of the State with Catalonia

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The Government figures in 6,000 million outstanding debt of the State with Catalonia

  • The vice-president and conseller of Economy wants to negotiate with the Executive of Sanchez the recovery of the Catalan taxes annulled by the TC

The vice-president, Pere Aragonès, and the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, in the Executiu Council (Jordi Bataller / ACN)

The vice-president and conseller of Economy and Hisense, Pere Aragonès , has estimated in 6,000 million euros the money “that would have to be on the table if the State wants to comply with everything that the current financing system implies”. The minister has warned that the payment of this amount “is the minimum required”, since it is a debt that comes from “unfulfilled” commitments.

The 6,000 million include both “specific competencies, such as the principle of institutional loyalty and what the same socialist party approved with the Estatut”, Aragones said. Specifically, it is about 800 million euros for members of the Mossos d’Esquadra that have been incorporated since 2010; 750 million euros of the third additional provision agreed for 2008, in addition to almost 3,000 million euros more linked to this section of the Statute . Also, 1,460 million euros in contributions for the dependency law. Aragonès believes that if “the PSC were in the Department of Economy and would like to do a purely management policy, I would also have to put it on the table”.

This Government was not born to negotiate the financing model. That would be back 15 years ago “

“You do not renew a contract with one who has been in breach of the current contract,” said Aragonès, referring to the financing model . After Pedro Sanchez and pointed out that the review of the system could not end until the next term, Aragonès has considered that the fact that next year there are elections in various autonomies “makes it difficult” to negotiate on this issue. However, he warned that “all these issues do not substitute the right of self-determination” in Catalonia. “This Government was not born to negotiate the financing model. That would be back 15 years ago, “he has riveted.

Aragonès has said that “it is not necessary to go to the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council to achieve” the objectives of the Generalitat, such as changes in the deficit ceiling or in the spending rule. In this regard, he recalled that the current Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, had argued that the cost ceiling and the rate of deficit reduction should be revised when she was conseller of the Junta de Andalucía.

It expects to meet the deficit of 0.4% this 2018

Regarding the deficit , he explained that he trusts that this year Catalunya will meet the objective of 0.4% in 2018 , although until March the deficit was already 0.34%. Aragonès has argued that the first months of the year are not significant for the whole year.

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In tax matters, Aragonès has ensured that the Government’s objective is that “the content” of tax figures annulled by the Constitutional Court “are once again on the table”. In the case of the audiovisual rate, it has proposed as options to reach an agreement with the State Government or to modify some aspects of the tax. In relation to the bank deposit tax -which was canceled because there is already another similar tax figure in the State- has pointed out as one of the possibilities that the Spanish Executive gives this tribute to the Generalitat or that the rates are modified. Another option would be to approve the tax. “There are different ways to recover the content of what was approved by the Parliament of Catalonia,” he insisted.

Negotiate the budgets of 2019 with the CUP, the common “and if necessary with the PSC”

Aragonès, which has already ruled out budgeting for this 2018, has guaranteed that the 2019 accounts will have a higher expenditure than in 2017 . The vice president said that from the technical point of view everything is under way to approve the budgets before the end of the year and has said that, if the deadlines were eventually delayed, it would be political negotiations. In this sense, he has assured that they will begin to negotiate with the CUP but they do not close to a hypothetical support of Catalonia in Comú – Podem “and if it is necessary with the PSC”.